Hide certain login elements on the Popup Modal from certain memberships?

I have 3 memberships.

  1. Candidate Accounts
  2. Company Accounts
  3. Admin Accounts

I want to use the default popup profile modal for all three of these member types.

The problem I run into is that Candidates and Admins use the “First Name” and “Last Name” profile fields, while Companies only use the “Company Name” profile field.

In my Memberstack Dashboard, I can see how to hide certain elements from the modal. But how do I only hide it from certain memberships?

I.e. - How do I use the same default profile modal for all accounts and only show the First and Last name fields to Members in the 1st and 3rd membership; and then only show the Company name to users in the 2nd membership?

Hey Andrew :wave:

In this use case, I suggest making a custom modal so you can use Memberstack attributes to hide and show content. Currently, there is no way to do what you want in the Memberstack modal. Here is some info on how to create a custom modal in Webflow. Then in your custom modal you would put all the content you need and use the
data-ms-content=“THEMEMBERSHIPIDHERE” attribute on different content you want to only show for specific content. :smiley:

Thats great! Thanks! How do I:

  • pull info from Memberstack like their profile fields, membership settings, etc.
  • add the ability to change passwords, cancel memberships, etc. like they can in the default modal?

for the profile form that can change the member info you would use data-ms-form=“profile” in the form element and match the fields up just like the login forms. You can see all the attributes for Memberstack here. You can see some videos on webflow forms here. That should cover everything except canceling memberships. To do that you would need them to email you and you would have to delete the user and stripe customer by hand. I know this isn’t ideal but this would work for your use case. :smiley:

Okay, great!

Now that you mention the cancellation of their stripe account… does the default modal handle all of that for me? Or would that still need to be manually?

the default modal does handle that. :smiley: