Hide content for some memberships but not others


I have a ‘BUY’ button I want to show to non-members - easy.

I then want to still show this button to members who do not own that product, but hide it from members that do own the product.

Currently the only way I can think to do this is to duplicate the element for each ‘membership plan’ and hide it based on whether they should see it.

This just gets messy in Webflow as I’ll need to have multiples of many elements handing around just to be visible or not visible to different memberships.

At the moment not so bad with only a few products, but each time I add a product I’ll have to go around and add another element for every single place I did previously, making it even more cluttered.

I’m wondering whether you can use the attribute ‘data-ms-content’ and add multiple values? Or something along those lines?


hmmmm, interesting. Others may have a better solution, but maybe you could do this by having multiple memberships?

  1. Non-members (not signed up) - show buy button
  2. Basic members (signed up with a basic membership) - show buy button
  3. Pro members (signed up with a basic membership and then once inside, ability to upgrade to Pro) - hide buy button

You could add the attribute data-ms-content=pro-membership to the buy button hiding it for #3 but showing it for #'s 1 & 2

At least, that’s how I’d first approach it to see if it works.

Hi @ChrisDrit

My products are single purchase products as opposed to memberships. So my workaround is (with currently only 2 products) to have 3 memberships;

Product 1 purchasers
Product 2
P1 and 2 Purchasers

Therefore a purchaser of P1 OR P2 has to kind of ‘upgrade’ to the ‘P1+P2’ with a button visible only to a single purchaser, which allows them access to both at a 50% discount to the full combo price for someone who has not bought anything yet. (Confusing)

So my dilemma is that eg. someone who has purchased nothing needs to see:

purchase button for P1, P2 and P1+P2

A single purchaser see the one of P1 or P2 they don’t currently own, + a custom button for 50% discount for the P1+P2

A combo purchaser cannot see a buy button for any of the products.

As I said, I can definitely achieve this, but it’s messy and witll have probably 4 buttons in each section to purchase with different ‘data-ms-content’ values for each membership / non members.

Just trying to find out whether I can use the attributes to just apply it all to a single button, particularly as when I add more products it becomes exponentially more complicated and messy.

The main issue i see is that the ‘data-ms-content’ attribute can only be assigned one value (the ‘hide content’ value in memberships tab) and I can’t assign something to be visible to more than one particular membership for a single element/button.


Aha! Think I’ve found the solution I was after.

FIrstly, I’ve left the Memberships as follows:

Product 1 M/ship
Product 2 M/ship
P1+P2 M/ship (bundle)

Then left the ‘Member Only Content’ as:

P1 access (specified url’s relating to this product)
p2 access " "
P1+P2 access (combined urls of both)

Then here’s the magic:

Added an extra ‘Member Only Content’ to restrict the visibility of button link for purchasing each product:

  • These extra ‘Member Only content’ dont need url’s specified
  • I labelled them 'Canbuy-“product name” ’
  • Gave purchase buttons the attributes:

Then in each membership I can just choose which products a member of that group ‘canbuy’!!

*important for anyone else following this method in future:

Still have to have two buttons for purchase:

  1. First is for ‘non-members’ who have never purchased. This button for example might say ‘buy’ and has the attribute as follows:
    value=!members - this means ONLY non members can see this element/content

  2. Second is for all memberships that CAN BUY this product… In my case this is anyone who has purchased only one of my products, and NOT purchased the Bundle.

Still need to test whether the ‘link’ for a discount bundle can be abused, but so far seems tight!



My Previous post was a little convoluted I see now that I’ve just implemented this!

The new ‘BEST’ way I see to achieve this is:

For any one product I have the following scenarios:

1- Non-Member (no purchases no access)
2- Is a Member and has access/has purchased ‘Product1’
3- Is a Member but has NOT purchased ‘Product1’

This means for a Non-Member AND and Non-Access member they need to be able to
purchase the product - however in my case, each of these two will see one of two buttons
I’ve made as the Non-Member is purchasing just ‘Product1’, whereas the Member has
already purchased my ‘Product2,3,4’ etc… And is therefore seeing a button which will
‘upgrade’ them to a membership bundle with now access to both products. (or multiples)

The member who HAS purchased will see a text field i created saying ‘You already own
this product!’

The way I did this is:

eg. using the hide content attributes ‘data-ms-content’ as per memberstack,

I create a hidden content for ‘Product1-Access’ (for example)
I already had hidden content for all members eg. ‘members’

Now a non-member willl see the button with content set as follow

Value=!members (as per memberstack syntax ‘!’ meaning NOT)

A Non-Access member for Product1 as follows


A Member with access



  • A member who is not logged in will see the normal ‘buy’ button, but if they try to use their account to login upon purchase, it won’t let them if they already have access to this.
  • If for some reason they attempted this with another product, I can still see the issue that they could effectively ‘downgrade’ their membership on our site. Though highly unlikely to happen.

If in future Memberstack adds the ability for members to be on multiple plans, this entire post will be void. I really hope that happens, because this way of doing it is mind boggling, and I only realistically have two products. Unfortunately have to go through this entire process to cater for each scenario and to stop people either abusing or becoming victims of this system.

C’mon @DuncanHamra hope it’s coming soon! :slight_smile:!

Memberstack is bloody awesome but this feature is so necessary. Once you implement it you’ll have every single other membership integration platform hands down.