Hide elements instead of pages to non-members

Hi all! I hope you are fine and healthy.
I undertsand it’s quite straight forward to hide whole pages / urls to non-members and redirect them to the sign-up / log-in screen.
I’m wondering, is it possible to hide elements such as divs?
For example, I would like to have some external links (such as “Download this file”) to be restricted to members, but I would like everyone to see the page that includes that link.

Would this be possible?

Thank you again for your help!!!


Hey J :wave:

This is totally possible! What you need to do is create members only content. Here is an article on it!

Thank you Josh!

In the same direction, I’m assuming it is possible to show content only to non-members (ie: sign up to download the file).

Am I right?

Thank you once again!!!

This is correct J!!!

To do this you would add an attribute to the div like:


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