Hide logs in dev/production

  1. Please build something that lets me…
    Hidding console.log(), at least in production.

  2. This is important to me because…

  • in production: I want to have a clean interface AND console
  • in development: logs are usefull when I work on a memberstack feature but are quite annoying when I work on something else.
  1. My current workaround is…
  • in production: no workaround
  • in dev: I prepend something to MY logs to be able to distingues them quickly from memberstacks ones

Hi @aziaziazi, this is a great point.

I’ve added this to my list to change. Here’s what I am thinking.

  1. By default, nothing will be logged.
  2. To enable logging, you would need to add ?ms-debug=true to your page URL to test.

So something like `https://example.com/?ms-debug=true

What do you think about this?

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