Hide Squarespace navigation links

I am wanting to hide navigation links on my Squarespace 7.1 site. I’ve followed the instructions on the SS tutorial video starting at the 7:12 minute mark, but there is no change in the navigation on my site.

I’ve noticed that there is a hashtag at the beginning of the script to be copied on the end of the pages URL slug. Since SS doesn’t allow special characters (other than dashes (-), I wonder if this might be contributing to the problem, as this is what I am adding to the URL: #/ms/content/free. Everything is added to the URL slug except the hashtag.

I’ve been able to successfully complete everything else in the video.

The SS site is not yet published, and the Memberstack account is still in test mode.

Can someone here in the forum point me in the right direction for assistance in troubleshooting the problem?

Thank you.

Hey Jane :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Great question! To get around this limitation with squarespace please follow this article :smiley:

So, checked the video you provided, tried changing the slug as suggested, still failed. BUT I trusted your video more than I trusted my newbie skill level, so I looked back again. Twice. Finally saw that my biggest problem was that out of habit, I had added regular pages to the navigation. Once I swapped over to links, it all worked as advertised!

Thank you so much for getting back so quickly and efficiently And for making the new kid feel welcome!

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Got it - top notch! Thank you, Josh!

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Hello again Jane!

I am so happy you got it figured out. You are a rock star! :smiley: :heart: :+1: