Hiding memberships

Hi guys,
Just wondering, I have three plans available, however, I only want people to be able to purchase two of the plans unless I have allowed the person to buy the third plan.
Is that achievable with MemberStack?

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Hi Gellert :wave: Welcome to the community :partying_face:

I have a good feeling the answer is yes, but quick question first"

How do you want to grant access to that third plan? What does that process look like from your perspective and from the perspective of a member?

Oooh I just asked a similar question.

I have only two products, but in order to facilitate owning an combination of access to:

p1 + p2, I need to have the option for customers who own just one product, to purchase
the ‘combo’ (p1+p2) at a 50% discount to be only paying another single price to get the
second product.

To achieve this I want to do something similar to you @gellert by limiting the purchase
to only those who’ve already purchased one of the products — My concern is that anyone
with the link to purchase the combo at 50% discount could use it without first having purchased
one of the products to begin with…


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And just to clarify, I know we can limit the visibility of such a link or button to someone already logged in, but I can’t see how you could prevent someone who is logged in from ‘copying’ the link address to send to someone else who could effectively get both of my products for the price of 1.

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Hi @DuncanHamra
Thanks for the reply!

So basically, I don’t want the third plan to appear as an upgrade option unless the person has a coupon/specific URL. - so very similar to what @cathughesxo is trying to achieve.


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Although, under the Profile Section, what does the membership option look like? Would it only display the current membership or other membership options as well?
because if it only displays the current membership, I think what we would do is that have the upgrade option as another hidden page and obviously we can write rules on who sees that and who doesn’t. Then through this way, the “third” membership would be hidden.

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So basically, my question is, does the membership tab for the https://membership-one.webflow.io/ option look exactly like:

Or would it show upgrade options?

Hey Gellert!

Here’s what the membership tab will look like after you publish your memberships. Users cannot change their membership from there.

Perfect - that’s solved it then.
What I will do (for other people who were wondering), is hide the upgrade option for the 3rd membership, and have it in a hidden part of the website (obviously with the help of Memberstack!)
Thanks again!!!

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