Hold off credit card charges

I’m building out my site and want to validate if the idea is worthwhile. I have memberstack setup and I’m keen for people to input card details to validate if they would pay for my service.

However I appreciate that the service is still being built up and has around 1 month worth more of development time needed to get it up to scratch, to something I would feel comfortable charging for.

Is there a way with memberstack where I can keep the current sign up & credit card panels in place, but do not instantly charge the card? I understand you can offer a 30 day free trial, but this isn’t something I want to use - because it doesn’t validate for me if the user was 100% committing to paying for the service.

Anyway around this?

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There is a free trial option when you make a membership type

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hey Gellert, but from what i understand that free trial option doesn’t have them commit card details? It wouldn’t exactly validate that they were willing to pay for the service? I’m kinda more interested in a card panel where they commit and then get notified that a charge won’t be taken for at least 30 days whilst I build out the platform further

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Hey David! You can give members a 100% off one-time coupon.

This will give them a free month, but they have to enter their card number.