Home Link being Changed to Hidden Page URL

When a member is logged in, all header links for Home are being re-written to the membership link. This does not happen when logged out.

URL for logged in user: https://prnt.sc/rxvjgb - Hover the home logo, shows the membership area URL.
URL for logged out user: https://prnt.sc/rxvk8d - Hover the home logo, shows the home [root] URL.


Hey Chad! I’ll submit a bug report and follow up for more info.

One thing we can clarify here… what link you have set here?

Hi Duncan! I have the same issue on my build. Could you shine a light on the situation please?

When logged in to a member-specific page, the homepage link redirects to the successful sign up page.

When not logged in, it directs to the homepage as it should do.


Hey! Sorry, I was not notified that you replied.
I am using the popup model, so this is not a setting I have, as it’s powered by your platform, not a form I already have. #/ms/login

Hi Duncan,

Is there any update on the progress of this bug report?

This bug is currently blocking the go-live of my client’s members area.


// Resolves bug with MemberStack where links to the home page are updated with links to hidden pages.
// The half a second delay is required to ensure this runs after MemberStack updates the link.
setTimeout(function () {
  	// Find element with by incorrect href path and class.
	const brokenElement = document.querySelector("a[href='/architects-portal'].brand");
	brokenElement.addEventListener('click', function (event) {
      	// Prevent default behaviour of link.
  		// Go to home page.
  		window.location.href = window.location.origin;
}, 500);

For those who are also experiencing this issue, this is a hacky workaround I’ve thrown together.

So, for us non-tech people, where does this go?
I have another website on Duda that has a similar issue, but it’s not with the home link.
This one is something within the website where it changes the links to something else.
I would assume this would help, but I don’t know where to put it.

Robert, can you please respond as to how to get all of this working. Been pretty patient and paying my monthly, but not really getting any solution in place.