Home Link being Changed to Hidden Page URL

When a member is logged in, all header links for Home are being re-written to the membership link. This does not happen when logged out.

URL for logged in user: - Hover the home logo, shows the membership area URL.
URL for logged out user: - Hover the home logo, shows the home [root] URL.


Hey Chad! I’ll submit a bug report and follow up for more info.

One thing we can clarify here… what link you have set here?

Hi Duncan! I have the same issue on my build. Could you shine a light on the situation please?

When logged in to a member-specific page, the homepage link redirects to the successful sign up page.

When not logged in, it directs to the homepage as it should do.


Hey! Sorry, I was not notified that you replied.
I am using the popup model, so this is not a setting I have, as it’s powered by your platform, not a form I already have. #/ms/login

Hi Duncan,

Is there any update on the progress of this bug report?

This bug is currently blocking the go-live of my client’s members area.


// Resolves bug with MemberStack where links to the home page are updated with links to hidden pages.
// The half a second delay is required to ensure this runs after MemberStack updates the link.
setTimeout(function () {
  	// Find element with by incorrect href path and class.
	const brokenElement = document.querySelector("a[href='/architects-portal'].brand");
	brokenElement.addEventListener('click', function (event) {
      	// Prevent default behaviour of link.
  		// Go to home page.
  		window.location.href = window.location.origin;
}, 500);

For those who are also experiencing this issue, this is a hacky workaround I’ve thrown together.