How are we doing?

Hey Memberstackers :wave:

We have a quick question for you! How are we as a whole with supporting you? What do you want more support for? What makes you feel the most appreciated? All feedback is welcomed here. We care about you and want to do our best.

Much love :heart:

~ The Memberstack Team :tada:

I think you guys are doing great. Whenever I’ve needed support, it’s been prompt and effective, both through email and on this forum.

One potential area for improvement though - is there any way you could have a more transparent wishlist/roadmap? We see a lot of “added to roadmap” etc (not criticising this in the slightest) but it would be great to see where things are at / what upcoming features are in the works in the next 3-6 months, for example.

Also if you say “added to roadmap” in response to this I swear I’ll break into your house and remove all of your left shoes, so you have to hop on one leg for the rest of your life :joy:

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Hey Andy :wave:

Thank you for the feedback! Adding this to the roadmap. Jk :wink:

To be real and honest, we appreciate everyone and are having the times of our lives. We are a small team still, but everyone is passionate about what we are doing. We have a development team of 2 right now :exploding_head:. We also have an extensive list of insights that we add to constantly. When we add things to this list, they are added with points that allow us to weigh the new features to focus on helping the maximum amount of customers.

We don’t give out ETAs because we don’t want to overpromise and undersell. This is new for us, and we honestly do not know how long certain aspects will take with just 2 developers. We do agree we need to do something and are working on figuring that out currently. :grinning:

Much love Andy! Always great to see you in the forum. :pray:

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That all sounds absolutely reasonable! It makes sense, and I guess I was looking at it with somewhat rose-tinted glasses on in terms of dev team size. I completely get that a small team makes it harder to set routine for new features.

I think I’m on here far too much :sweat_smile: I need to stop getting distracted and do more work haha

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This is my new favorite threat :joy:

And I’m happy to share we’re finally understanding why your suggestion here is so important as we move forward. We’re actively working on a fix to this bug :bug: I can’t promise a roadmap/wishlist (feature), but I can promise we’ll do our best to understand why not having a wishlist/roadmap is important to you and our users so we can fix it.

Starting right now!

  1. Can you share an example of when Memberstack’s missing wishlist and/or roadmap hurt you or your business?
  2. How often does this happen?
  3. How often do you look at the wishlist/roadmap of other companies? Why did you look at them & what problem did that solve for you?

I tried extra hard to come up with something creative! :rofl:

@DuncanHamra Honestly? I can’t say it’s ever hurt me or my business. However it would definitely be nice to have, as it would potentially allow myself / others to look at a projected timeline for a certain feature and plan accordingly, even if the given timeframe is as vague as “in the next 6-12 months”.

Here’s a great example of one such time it’s affected me (but I’ll stress, it certainly hasn’t caused me any harm!) - it would simply be nice to be able to raise these issues, and track them from a central location. At the moment, I’m not sure whether this fix is being worked on, is on the mid-long term roadmap, or is simply not possible - there’s no source of information for me to refer to other than to ping Tyler (which I don’t want to do, as I’m sure you’re all super busy!). Tyler says further down that “this has been added” - but I’m not sure if he’s referring to a separate issue mentioned further in the thread.

Now let’s look forward to the coming months - your product is going to continue growing, meaning your user base is going to grow, which inevitably means you’re going to be receiving more queries and more feature requests, in a volume that is tenfold what you are receiving now. Is that truly scalable?

I certainly don’t mean to get on my soap box, and I hope it doesn’t come across in that manner - I can say hand on heart I have no idea about the work you guys do behind the scenes to make MS work, nor can I truly appreciate the work required to get new features off the ground. I just feel that as the end-user, it would be great to either passively click through to feature requests etc and see what is being worked on / the rough timeframe, or to actively be referred to a central point of information if I ask for a feature that has already been requested, for example.

Big love to the MS team! :heart:

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After reading this would you say it boils down to feeling like you are being heard is the most important?


@Josh-Lopez I guess there’s definitely an element of that, but a better interpretation might be so that we can be confident we haven’t been forgotten about, whether wilfully or through sheer volume of feature requests swamping your dev team etc.

Personally, I’m confident that I’m heard by the MS team - I’ve found the customer service/responses etc to be exceptional from you guys. However if your customers are told “this is on the roadmap” it gives us the ability to track this at our own leisure quite passively, rather than chase for updates 6 months down the line for example. A further enhancement would be the kind of voting system that we see from Webflow - that way, more popular feature requests can be identified and (hopefully, if feasible) prioritised.


Ooooo thank you for explaining! I’m super happy to share that I’m working on a new internal process for exactly this type of thing.

I haven’t given enough thought to how we present issue tracking publicly. I’ll make sure we account for this. Have you seen other companies who you thought did this particularly well?

I’m also working on a system for regularly collaborating with our community… I’m thinking these may not be different things now (thinking out loud).

Thanks again for taking time to reply :pray:

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You’re welcome dude! It’s great to see a company that’s really focused on engagement with its user base, so it’s only fair that I/we reciprocate.

In all honesty, no I haven’t. Webflow’s wishlist feature is ok-ish, but not ideal - namely due to the frequent radio silence on even hugely popular items (even just to say “sorry guys, this isn’t going to happen anytime soon”).

Some sort of Gantt Chart style layout would look awesome, especially if it doubled up as a voteable wishlist (click a task and add your vote or comment).

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speaking openly This has been my concern about having a wishlist like Webflow. Every time I go to look I see comments not being answered and customers being really frustrated.

Thank you so much Andy. I really appreciate you. Much love :heart: :pray:

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Yep, I really think Webflow dropped the ball in this area. It’s all well and good introducing a feature like this, but it needs to have the appropriate resources devoted to it to make it work - in this case, they could really do with a dedicated “customer outreach” champion or something like that, who works full time to investigate and answer queries on feature requests etc

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How are we doing as a whole with supporting you?

Let me start here by saying that I love MS and what the service has allowed me to do on my website for my business.

From my end as a customer, MS’s strengths lie in the following areas: (1) for use on static sites to enable membership. The very nature of your JS manual implementation and now the API are perfect for static sites. (2) seamless implementation, updates, and integration: setting up MS on my static site and working through issues has been clear and straightforward. I had no conflicts with other scripts or services. Great support as a whole.

What do you want more support for?

As far as more support, you all clearly care and clearly are working to satisfy as many MS customers as you can for growth. However, and please take this as constructive feedback since that is my only intention here, I feel like you are spread too thin. You are supporting Webflow, Wordpress, static sites, and now you have the developer API, to name a few. While you cover the gamut of what creators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses would use, your division of your 110% effort yields fewer support results for each by the very fact that you are divided amongst all these “support targets.”

I personally would like more support for things that are already a part of Memberstack to work as close to 100%, i.e., properly rather than adding new features which introduces more complexity. When you release a feature, I would like to think, “Awesome, this will work well for me, and if there are issues, they will be minor bugs with at max a week to fix.”

What makes you feel most appreciated?

Simple: personal interaction with you all on the forums and in email. The fact that you respond to your customers as promptly as possible about issues and notify them of the status of issues really makes MS awesome in this regard. @JollyGoodWeb’s feedback about a roadmap/wishlist leads into answering @DuncanHamra’s questions below:

Yes, just recently when I found an issue with Circle SSO where MS does not identify a session cookie when a logged in user moves from my website to Circle. When I reached out, you all said no ETA, but I do not know where it falls on the wishlist/roadmap, so I cannot even provide a guesstimate when members complain about having to log in twice over and over. Some members will not log in as often now because “having to log in over and over” is a barrier. Obviously, this could lead to losing the member if the member does not want to use the service.

Another example: I was trying to set up Zapier integration and was waiting on more documentation about what fields are what from MS, but when I followed up, I did not receive a reply, and then life became busy, so I just moved on without implementing what I needed.

It happens about once every other month with some feature that I have no clue where it is on the roadmap/wishlist.

Quite a bit now. When I was starting my business, roadmaps were not as important, but now that my business is up and running and I am trying to grow it, I constantly check my major 3rd party services roadmaps before I go to the forums or support to offer feedback, report bugs, etc. etc. Also, before I purchase and implement a service, I look at their roadmap to see their dev team’s velocity in fixing and adding features.


Hey Andrew :wave:

Thank you so much for replying! We appreciate you and your feedback. The informaiton you gave about a potential public roadmap helps us so much. You mentioned not being responded to on a zapier integration post, do you have a link so i can take a look? I checked your profile and could not find it. :smiley:


Really glad the feedback was helpful! The Zapier integration was actually via email.

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