How do I pass an empty field using Zapier so that it deletes the field in webflow/google sheets?

I found a snag in my system accidentally while testing my site.

I created a test member using a membership form in Weblfow. Then I set up Zapier to automatically create a dashboard/profile page for the new member. Then I went back through and made some changes to the profile to see if everything was staying in sync. What I found was that if I were to type in a value, say an instagram handle, and submit the form and then decide later that I wanted to delete it from my profile, it would update and get cleared out in memberstack. But when the update is push through Zapier to update the webflow CMS and google sheets, it doesn’t clear out the original value.
Zapier reads that empty value from Memberstack as “No Data”. So unless I update the field to something else it will stay the original handle everywhere except for Memberstack…

Does this make sense? Is there a work around?

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You could add some custom code to force the empty field have a value. It would be something like this

var Webflow = Webflow || [];

// use input id
var input = document.getElementById('myInput');

Webflow.push(function() {

  // new form handling
  $('form').submit(function(evt) {

    // this forces the input to have a value
    if(input.value.length == 0)
      input.value = "Empty";


You would replace your own info in this code. What its doing is looking to see if the input field is empty before submitting and if it is, it adds the word Empty as the value. This will make it never be empty so zapier can always see it. :grinning:

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Great idea! Would this code go in the custom code of the webflow site or page? And would it be in the head or just before the closing body tag?


And… Do I have to do this for every field or is there a way to force all fields to have the value empty if not filled out?

The code would go in above the field on the specific page of the form.

Is this the Memberstack profile modal you are talking about of a custom profile form? If its the Memberstack profile modal you would set the required toggle to active in your fields on Memberstack. If it is a custom profile form you would write for each field you want. Keep in mind that this code is not exactly what your site would need and needs to be adjusted to fit your use case. Meaning if you don’t know jquery or javascript you may need to get additional help.

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