How do I pass an updated dropdown selection back into Webflow?

How do I pass dropdown data from airtable / google sheets into webflow?

It works great from webflow to memberstack and having memberstack return the results into webflow using the ms attributes.

I haven’t however cracked the code from airtable into webflow so that it updates the cms item.

Attached is an image of the cms item

And this is the airtable input:

I have followed @DuncanHamra’s tutorial on updating freelancer info and it works great this is the only hiccup I’ve found in my case

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On webflow, I’m referencing the “Status” Collection in the user profile. So i guess it does make sense because webflow is like what do I with this text your sending me from airtable lol.

For now I’ll setup a review process and add them manually.

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