How do I remove the "Change your membership?" modal?


This is my current sign up flow (which is what my company wants so I can’t change it):

  1. Sign up (MS automatically assigns user a default free membership plan that doesn’t actually do anything, which the user doesn’t need to know about)

  2. Fill out personal information

  3. Select membership type (click on one of the buttons with ms-data-membership attributes)

  4. Get redirected to my own custom-made payment page

My problem is, upon clicking on either of the membership type buttons, a MS modal pops up and asks if they would like to change their membership. This is confusing to users because as far as they’re concerned, they are not even a member yet, so it would be confusing for them to “change” their membership type.

My question: Is there any way to prevent this modal from popping up? I would like the user membership to change as soon as they click on one of the membership buttons without any need for confirmation.


Hey Alan :wave:

Are both membership types free? If so I think I can come up with some custom code to do what you need. :grinning:

Thanks, Josh. That would be great!

Yes, all memberships are free.

Ok dokey! I have created a loom video for you explaining how to do this. I also will share the webflow project I made so you can take a peak. :grinning:

Webflow Preview

Thanks for your time!

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