How do I set up a membership account & can we set up e-commerce products that require no payment?

Hey there!

I have been approached by a client to produce a really simple website using Webflow.

The website needs to showcase cosmetic products in the same way as you would see a basic e-commerce (purchase price, image etc). However, this website would only be for journalists (not to the public) and each product would actually be £0.00 at checkout. The client would just need to get a notification to say which products the journalists have ordered and an address to send them to - no payment required.

They would like each journalist to be able to have an account so that they can log in and order whenever they need to make an order. Would memberstack be able to offer a solution for this?

Also, as you guys are wizards on Webflow. Do you know how we would be able to make the checkout page £0.00 on the ecommerce side of things? Even though this site won’t really be selling products, we’re guessing it will use the e-commerce facilities on Webflow, which we haven’t really used before and can’t see this as an obvious option.


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Great questions. We currently are not set up for something like this out of the box but with some workarounds, you could have a setup as you describe. Here are a few tutorials for advanced use cases that may get you on the right path. :smiley:

Hi Josh,

Thanks for your response, so in looking at these videos I believe we need a slightly more simple offering than this. Essentially we want to be able to create a login / access wall to a private e-ccomerce site for selected journalists. There is not much budget for this, so we’re looking at a simple solution for this. Once the journalist register, they’d need to login and have a basic profile page.

Can Memberstack create this feature alone, without the need to use airtable or a zapier paid account?


hey Matt :wave:

Unfortunately, to get unique profiles for each member you would need zapier to create the pages for them. You could however, use data attributes to show members content on a single page. In this case, you would have a page called profile and use data attributes to update elements on the page. The data attributes would be similar to this data-ms-member=“field-id”. :smiley: