How do we build out the membership setup?

Hi there,

This forum is brand new to me but I like the attitudes of everyone I’ve seen so far!

I have a few questions about some of the setup steps if anyone can help.

  1. Most videos I’ve come across on setting up memberships deal a lot with how to hide specific pages or content but when I try to hide things like the ‘signup’ button after I’ve signed in the ‘signup’ button still shows up. Also, my account/profile/membership info still shows up and is accessible to the public even after I log out and the placeholder profile image doesn’t change whether I’m signed in or logged out. Any thoughts?

  2. I have an ‘upload’ button in my form so people can upload a profile image, I’ve removed all limitations inside of the Webflow form upload button like Sara mentioned in another comment, attributes are added and Memberstack successfully receives my signup info but the upload button doesn’t upload anything. May not be a Meberstack issue but figured someone here might know anyway.

  3. I keep searching for tutorials about how to plug in all the attributes and features, settings and so on, only the majority of videos either begin after those steps are already complete or the tutorials focus primarily on how to hide an entire page rather than how to set up memberships from start to finish.

Keep in mind that some of the attributes are working like the sign-in attribute, so I know part of this is working, but other things aren’t quite connecting and without proper instructions, I have no idea where to even find the answers specific to my questions.

Information seems extremely scattered and random to me and because I struggle with how to phrase my questions better people are still sending me videos about how to hide entire pages rather than how to let people create an account, login/out, and sign up for the paid plans.

My guess is that I fall into the “I don’t know what I don’t know” scenario so phrasing my newb questions has often yielded answers unrelated to what I think I’m asking help with.

So to clarify, I do not need to hide entire pages since all the information on my site is free, I only wish to keep user’s profiles private and only hide things like the signup button once they’re already signed up and have their own account.

I’d like to give people the ability to upload their own profile images and their information to be visible only to them but not sure where that image gets stored. My Webflow site as a static page, cms collection, or Memberstack?

I know there is a profile template, I’ve copied it (at least I think I did) but I’m slightly confused where someone’s profile page actually lives. Am I supposed to create some sort of cms page or static page? If so, how should that all be connected to Memberstack?

I have plenty more questions, most of which would be cleared up I’m sure with a proper walkthrough but that’s my problem, I still haven’t found a proper beginning to end walkthrough about connecting and setup or how to troubleshoot when something doesn’t work.

Sorry for the long-winded write-up here but unfortunately when I try to be brief my questions more times than not yield well-meaning answers but unrelated to what I need. Then I feel terrible because people take time to be kind to me and answer me with tons of amazing detail but on things different than what I actually needed.

Anyway, anyone brave enough to answer me, thank you!

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Hey @TimothyMichaels :wave: good to see you here.

I wanted to give your thread a little bump. I think you have some wonderful thoughts here and hopefully this can provide a little bit more exposure for others to jump in and help.

Beyond that…I’d love to know what your number 1, top priority need is from everything you’ve mentioned. Maybe that would give us a good place to start and see if we can slowly chip away at getting you some help :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Chris,

Thanks for your response! My number one priority is creating profiles. I made three tiers, one free and two paid if someone wants to advertise. I got as far as I could and what I think I’m running into is my Memberstack membership is still in Test mode and to remove that and get everything working I need to pay for my membership. Unfortunately, this site of mine is experimental, no one has hired me to create this so there are no funds to gamble with. I emailed Duncan to see if he wanted to work out some sort of trial period deal but haven’t heard back so I found another membership platform that I think might work and is more in line with my budget. Thanks anyway though and best wishes to everyone!

What’s the platform?

One that seems to have been built on a lot of understanding and sympathy. I’ve already spoken with the founder and set up a one-on-one to help me get plugged in, something Memberstack doesn’t provide, also all of the public profile features I’ve asked for he said they can do which Memberstack is only just now looking into incorporating. I’m rooting for you all of course because I see great potential but even beyond the difficulties and frustrations I’ve encountered trying to set everything up with no help, I have too much on the line and Memberstack is a financial risk I cannot afford.

Nothing personal by any means! I really wanted this to work for both of us.


I’m realizing my response might have come across as extremely rude which was not my intent. Many apologies if it did! I’m genuinely just in a hurry to find solutions asap.

Also, I never answered your question: I’m looking into Outseta because from what I gather I will be able to set up memberships for free which in my case is what I can afford.

For sure I would love to afford more and I genuinely didn’t want to search anywhere else for membership services but until I get paid I have to use whatever is available to me. I’m going food shopping once every three to four weeks and getting the bare minimum. I don’t pay for other things such as Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Amazon, Audible, or any of the like. I don’t entertain or go out to eat nor do I have any friends to go spend money with. I didn’t want to have to mention all this so kept my response short but in doing so realize I come off as an ass and ungrateful. My goals are to accomplish a lot of great things for a lot of people in need but as long as I’m stuck being stuck I can’t do anything for anyone. Hence the strain in my last message. In my effort to avoid playing the worlds’ smallest violin on my own behalf I managed to hit the other extreme and come off rude when you’re only trying to help.

Anyway, thank you for doing what you could to help Chris, it’s genuinely appreciated and I have extremely high hopes for Memebrstack in days to come.

Best wishes,