How does email opt-in checkbox work?


I’m looking for some information about the “Email opt-in checkbox (GDPR)” feature on the signup form. I see that when I turn this feature on, a checkbox is added to the signup modal on my site. However, I’m not sure how to access the data from this input. Once a user creates an account, how can I tell whether they checked this checkbox?

For context, I inherited an existing website that’s already using Memberstack’s prebuilt signup modal, and we’re considering adding this checkbox. Any info is much appreciated!

Hey Isaac!

You’ll find whether they checked the box on the /members page. It’s included in the row of the members, and if I remember correctly, the column is called “GDPR Opt In.”

Also, that checkbox selection is also available via Zapier if you happen to start using that.

Ah, thanks so much, @belltyler - can’t believe I missed that column!

Is there a way to export the “GDPR Opt In” data? When I click “Export” on the /members page, I don’t see a GDPR column in the resulting CSV, but perhaps that’s because I’ve been toggling the feature on and off for testing.

I also do not see a column for GDPR Opt-in when exporting member data. I can see the true/false value on the memberstack website but it is not in the csv export.