How to change owner email address?

I created an account, invited an admin, but I would like to change my email address as the owner, or to change the role of the other user from admin to owner

Hey Carlos :wave:

We do not allow changing the owner of a site right now. :cry: Would you be willing to fill out our feature request form so we can keep track of how many times this feature is wanted? :smiley:

Sir, if you do not allow to change the owner, how can I change my email address? I am a developer; I have to give back the work once completed to the company that purchased my work.

We understand this is frustrating and are working on making our platform more developer friendly. Unfortunately, we do not have this functionality available currently. We are working hard to keep updating Memberstack with new features as quickly as possible. This is also a reason why we cant give out ETA’s on features.