How To Create Personalized Content for Logged In Members with Webflow and (of course) Memberstack

howdy all :wave:

Just finished creating a 30 minute step-by-step screencast walking through how to setup a Webflow site, with MemberStack allowing logged in members to personalize their dashboards content.

  1. Visitor signs up and becomes a member
  2. New member selects some screening options
  3. Based on selections member is shown relevant, personalized articles
  • Full control of your sites design in Webflow.
  • Using the Webflow CMS to store your member accounts.
  • Using MemberStack to provide members only access.
  • Personalized content through member settings.

To accomplish this I use:

  • Zapier
  • Webflow
  • MemberStack

Here’s the video:

You can also download a 255 page PDF Guide with 495 screenshots to walk through this setup at your own pace.


This is so helpful, thank you!


@Leeanne67 you’re welcome! Hope it’s helpful… Feel free to reach out with any questions/issues.

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Hello, this is awesome and thank you so much?

Just have 2 questions:

  1. When I configure the dashboard button attribute The link doesnt work in the live site and I dont go to the dashboard of the member but I get to the dashboard just after loggin in.
    Also my attributes are different than yours:


I’ve used yours and mine, non seems to work.

  1. If I understand correctly I can add info live on the members CMS item. So it could be possible that when logged in, I click on a LIKE button on a post that is a hidden form, and add in a field (multi reference field in the members collection) this information and I can see my like posts in my dashboard… is this logic?

Thank you!


I retried it, question 1 works!


Thanks @ollo :smile:

  1. How did you end up getting this to work for you?

  2. That sounds correct to me! I’m sure there will be a few nuanced issues, but that sound doable and your approach sounds solid to me.


My bad! I was showing the wrong data attribute in the dashboard :man_facepalming:

Good news is it’s fixed now! You can either use the attribute in your video:


or the new attribute


Thanks @DuncanHamra!

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Hey @ChrisDrit Thanks for this awesome tutorial. I thought it was not possible with Zapier but glad I found your tutorial.

Some question I have…

  1. Can the user later change this screening settings on his profile dropdown?
  2. Will the multi reference field get updated then?

Thank you for the kind words pray🙏

Yep! At any time.

Yep! It all updates and works smoothly :smile:


Oh Perfect! I’m trying this for an event website where user can choose his favourite event category and that event with his chosen category will shown in his personalised dashboard

Still figuring out but hopefully I can get there with your video tutorials. 50/50