How to create unique member dashboards in MemberStack (using the Webflow CMS for content and Zapier to glue it all together)

Hi all :wave: spent some time figuring out how to do something I couldn’t find on the tutorials page (

Wanted to share the 16 minute screen cast showing how I did it:

You can find the full post here:

Let me know if there is anything specific I can help with or directly answer about it!


You’re amazing! Thanks for posting this Chris :heart_eyes:

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My pleasure, hope it can help some folks!

I have been struggling for a week on the last step you have. Thank you so much for the video.

Life saver!

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Super happy I could help!

this is great but it’s incomplete.

unless you figure out how to access the webflow item id, and not some random generated id for member, then there’s no way to update the profile fields in the cms later on.

zapier needs the webflow item id, this needs to match the member id from the onset.

parabola is able to access the item id in webflow, and zapier is not, but getting all this to play together is very tricky.

looking forward to your solution.

Not really.

I’m not using Parabola, so not sure what you’re talking about with this, but…the solution is fairly simple.

Whenever you create a live item in Webflow, you are returned the newly created item id :+1:This is where the magic beings :slightly_smiling_face: From here you can save it in a bunch of different ways that allows you to access it for item updates in the future.

My other screencasts walk through how to do this :sunglasses: