How to get notifications when member cancels (not when subscription fails to renew)

Hi folks,

I setup a Zapier zap to send me a notification when a member cancels, but this doesn’t trigger when the member submits their cancellation — it triggers when the subscription runs out! Obviously it would be better to know when a member decides to quit, not weeks later when they are officially gone!

I tried making a zap triggered by the Stripe event of a member deciding to cancel, but the problem is there are tons of Stripe events all the time, so I think it will eat up my available monthly zaps pretty badly.

Is there a best practice for learning immediately when a member decides to cancel?

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Hey Justin, totally agree with you here. I’ll make sure everyone’s aware of this when we revisit Zapier and add our own emailing functionality. :+1:

A best practice now would be to hide the cancellation button with a bit of custom code.

Then ask users to submit an easy to find form that notifies you to cancel their account.

Thank you. This works!

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