How to hide content for different membership users


I would like to have a navbar with a link to the dashboard. But the Dashboard ist different for basic, premium and premium plus Users.

So is it possible to show a different Dashboard Button for each membership-type?

I found this one:

(This content is visible when a member logs in. data-ms-content=“members” )

But I need it on the membership level.

I am happy for any ideas.


Hey Jan :wave:

Great question! This is possible with member-only content. Here is an article that should help get you on the right path! :smiley:

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Yeah, awesome tutorial. Thanks Josh.

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Hey @Josh-Lopez,

I have an additional question … is it possible to hide content for users which have a specific field filled or not?

The use case is:

The users register. Now I would like to show on the dashboard in webflow, please fill in more information. And when they did, the message should invisible for them.

I don’t want a multi-step registration process… it should be a message, hint, banner, whatever on the dashboard.

Hope you have a good idea for that too :slight_smile:



Hey Jan :wave:

Trying to understand more, why is this your preferred method of action? How important is this for your user flow? Why dont you want a multi-step signup process?

Currently, hiding content based on a profile field is not possible but we may be able to figure out a workaround depending on your answers above. :smiley:

Hi Josh,

well, it´s kind of a multi-step signup process where the user can create a profile for himself and for his podcast.

But there is also the case, that the user can skip this part and then the user should be informed later again.

My workaround will be, that I use the member-specific page and work with the visibility and custom fields.
I thought it would be a nicer process, if I could control that about memberstack.

Thanks for your answer


ah ok, thank you! Want to get on a call sometime and go over this? :smiley:

Here is a link to my calendar Josh Lopez’s calendar