How to implement non-memberstack checkout?

Hi all, total newb here. I have a payment processor (ThriveCart) I am really happy with that has a few more payment options than MS’ native options…

What is the best way to trigger onboarding/account setup after new customers signup?

The 2 possible flows will be -

  1. product page --> 3rd party checkout --> memberstack access
  2. free trial signup --> 3rd party upgrade --> Memberstack access


We have a Zapier App that allows you to create members through a Zapier action.

Do you think that could work for you?

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ok, that sounds perfect, thx!

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Please let us know if you have anymore questions about it!

Hi Tyler,

I would like to get some information about that Zapier checkout flow that you are talking about. I would like to have a checkout that will represent my brand if it make sense. Thank you for your time!


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Can you point me to this Zapier documentation - I’ve only seen Zapier integration that reads from memberstack nothing that writes. Many thanks