How to pass hidden fields to a Typeform embed

Hey guys, this is the script to pass multiple hidden fields to an embed Typeform on your website:

MemberStack.onReady.then(function(member) { 
var name = member["first-name"];
var email = member["email"]; 

console.log(name + " " + email); 

var src = "[" + name + "&email=" + email; 

document.getElementById("typeform-full").src = src;

You the man!

Thank you for sharing this, Marc. :partying_face:

Is there a way to pass data from typeform completion into memberstack - webflow? able to overwrite previous data?

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Hi Cody, you should be able to use Zapier for that :grinning:


@Marc-Antoine I attempted to use the script but am not being successful at pulling email into the typeform embed unfortunately. A couple of questions about the process:

  1. Did you post the typeform embed code into a html embed on the page or into the custom code of the page settings?
  2. Did you take make any changes to the typeform embed code at all or did you just copy as is from Typeform?
  3. Did you post the above script into the page settings (before the tag) ?

Currently I have a registration form (webflow form) where I set the MS variables, and then after form completion I push the user to an embedded typeform (to gather more info about the individual) where I have hidden fields set up for email and name that is captured in the registration form.



Hey all! :wave:

I just wrote an article on this that might help better understand how this would work! If you have any questions please let me know and I can update the article. :smiley:


Thanks for the article Josh! But what do we need to adjust in the script, if we want to pass more variables like custom fields? And how would it look like if we need to pass it to several Typform forms?
Still trying to figure this out.

Hey Hendrik :wave:

Great question! It seems like you may have an advanced case use. We recommend adding your project to our “Find an expert form” here. :grinning:

Hey @Josh-Lopez, any way to adopt this to work with videoask as well?

Hey Josh,

Unfortunately, this does not work for me. Is it also possible with three variables, two from memberstack and one from webflow from collection? Furthermore, what do you have to write in the script of Typeform, you have there “unknown” instead of the variable?

Thanks for your help!