How to pull user data (order #, tracking code, etc.) from Airtable using Duda as CMS?

I have connected Memberstack with Duda but need some help with pulling relevant user data from Airtable to show to each member. Has anyone some experience with that?

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Great question! I think this would make for a great video and article. While we work on this I did find a couple links that may help get you started:

@ChrisDrit Do you have a video like this on your roadmap of videos? :grinning:

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Thanks for your prompt response!

I have investigated this quite a bit and the only direct I cam across was a workflow between Webflow, Airtable and Memberstack. It didn’t help me all that much though. I have already gone through the three links you provided but I think this case is even more advanced than what is covered there. With that said, I’m not a coder so maybe I’m just missing a hint or two :wink:

If you could provide a video / article then I would be more than happy to provide the scenario :smiley:

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Thanks for asking @Josh-Lopez!

Nothing scheduled, in the near-term, for Duda specifically.

That said, i think you could easily abstract Duda from this? The crux of the issues seems to be how to “pull relevant user data from Airtable” yes?

If so there are plenty of tutorials online that will help with this, specifically. If I’m correct in how I’m reading this, let me know and I can drop some links…


Thanks @ChrisDrit !
I would really appreciate of you could provide some links! My case is very clear:

I have all my customer data stored in Airtable. That’s where I update things like Order numbers, tracking code, tracking URL, Order amount, etc., etc. Some parts are obviously to be hidden from the customer but others I want to share. That’s where I thought Memberstack would help, to share personal data with the client, privately of course.

So I need to hook Memberstack up with Airtable in a safe way so I don’t risk sharing data publicly. Hope this clarifies!?

Sorry for the slow reply @Egill_Vignisson, just sent you a direct message with what I think will be a solution for you.

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Hi Chris, I would be interested in the solution you found!

Hi @burningmikey :wave: I believe what I had suggested was a “lookup table” in Airtable.

At its most basic level, it’s a table that has the MemberStack member id and a Webflow CMS collection item id. Since MS will give you the currently logged in member id via the front end api, I pass that along in a form submission and check to see if the member id <—> item id match.