I need to guarantee that hidden Memberstack fields are picked up when user submits forms

Hello there,

We’ve just launched the BETA of our membership platform, and there’s a significant problem I’d like to have a solution to.

When members sign up, I use Zapier to save the CMS Item IDs I need to their Memberstack profile, as I’ve noticed that hidden Memberstack fields are more reliable than hidden Webflow CMS fields.

Then, when a member signs in for the first time, there’s a three stage induction process and the member’s Webflow CMS item is updated after each stage. This is because the options they’re provided later on in the induction process, and the content on their bespoke homepage, is customised according to the information they provide each time.

The main problem here is that the hidden Memberstack fields on the first induction form is sometimes left blank, and doesn’t pick up the information the zap needs. This is usually the only time it happens but it tends to completely disengage the beta tester, and they’re also very valuable leads, so I’d like to know if/how I can guarantee that the hidden Memberstack fields in my forms are always picked up.

@Josh-Lopez, thank you for responding to me when I posted this issue on the Webflow forum. As you suggested, I’ve recorded a loom of the issue I’m experiencing: https://www.loom.com/share/61d035941dd14eb3a917e9a5042855a7

Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey Merlyn :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Thank you for the loom video!!! I love your website! I think to find a solution to your problem we will need to get on a zoom call and go over everything together. Together we shall succeeedddddd!!! lol

I will send you a private message with a link to my meeting schedule. :grinning: