I want to initiate a webflow order with a monthly subscription

The Idea is that when a person signups for a monthly package he will get monthly merchandise and some premium content. Is this something possible with webflow and memberstack?

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Hey Anuj,

Hmm, you would have to track/handle all the products/merchandise separately - Memberstack is not ideal for e-commerce right now. I actually recommend Foxy.io for this one. They are a great team with a great product that specializes in everything you need. MemberStack is better for managing members and subscriptions.

Premium content can be possible with user-specific pages but we donโ€™t have in-built emails for drip campaigns, etc. It could be possible using Zapier + other email automation tools๐Ÿ˜Š

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But I also need gated content. Is that possible with foxy?