Import MailChimp list as new users - no payment data required

Hello, I have a MailChimp list of about 300 users that I would like to import into my new memberstack powered website. All of the users would be associated with a free membership and there would be no payment data. However, I want to make the experience as seamless as possible—from receiving the email to logging in. What is the best way to go about that?

  • Generate a unique password for each user, associate that with their email address, send them an email with the unique password, provide a hashed link with the password that sends them to the site and asks them to change it

  • Tell them that their email has been added to the new platform, send them to the site log in page and ask them to log in?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Or once imported, does memberstack send an email to the user informing them of the process and providing them with details on logging in?

Hey Paint Laurent :wave:

I think I may have answered this for you in another forum post. :slight_smile:

We try and have our platform as flexible as possible. When you import users, our webhooks will fire as well. This means you can use Zapier to send out emails when a new user is created! You can see an article on Zapier here. We recommend turning a zap on for the new import that sends new users their password and tells them to change it in their profile.

But how does that work if I’ve imported 300 email accounts as members who have never set a password? They’d go to a login page and have an email in your system but no password for that email. So they’d have to go through the forgotten password flow in order to set their password?

So we’d use that Create Member zap to handle their first password experience?

You can assign users a password in the CSV file you import and have the password in the email. If you do not want to add passwords in the CSV file then you would let them know to click on the forgotten password link in the login modal. :smiley:

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