Import Members or Link to a collection?

I have about 600 members I want to import with some 8 additional fields. Is there a way to do this myself? I noticed that we can email the list to you to do. Is that still the only way? I had thought to create a Zapier or Interomat process to do it so I can add a member to Webflow Collection record and it creates an invite for a user to edit/update the record I created.

Does anyone have any creative thoughts?

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Hi Kevin! Manual imports via are still the main way to get user data into Memberstack. Working on a way to automate this very soon.

Which if these scenarios applies to you?

Hi! I’m a newbie to MS and just wanted to check my understanding of how members are added. I built a new membership website for a client in Webflow, there’s about 200 active members from the old site who paid via Paypal and all expire on Sep 1, 2020. (Going forward, all memberships will expire 1 year from signup). Can MS import these members for me? Since these members have already paid, do they need to carry their credit card info over from Paypal to the Stripe system which would be new to them?

Also, can an import request be sent to MS while the Webflow site is still under development? Currently my MS is unpublished (waiting for client to sign up with Stripe) and I’m still building out the gated areas in Webflow…should I wait to request import until MS is published and the Webflow site is live? My understanding is once the members are imported by MS the members are to be sent an email invitation to log onto the membership site and set up a new password, is this correct? Sorry for my confusion, this is my first time building a membership site :smile:

Hey @Leeanne67,

Firstly, a big welcome to Memberstack😊

Yes, we can import your members into a ‘free membership’ that expires in Sept 2020 so they don’t get charged. Stripe + Paypal support will be able to help transfer their information between the payment platforms.


Thank you for your reply Molly :smiley:

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Hi Molly, another question…at what point do I send the CSV to your team to help with the import? I have not launched the new Webflow site yet. Should the members be imported before or after the Webflow site is live? Thanks very much.

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Hi Leeanne :wave:

We’re working on an import feature right now. Very soon, you’ll be able to import users on your own :tada: How soon do you need to complete the import?

Hi Duncan, in the next 2 weeks at the very latest

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I’ll be possibly needing this too, however:

@DuncanHamra — if I need to import existing members who have purchased ‘one-time’ products, can you see any problem with me doing the following:

  1. Create ‘free’ membership plan with designated access
  2. Manually sign up each customer to the correct membership using my own website
  3. Send out a blanket email to all customers informing them of changes and prompting them to
    visit and perform a ‘reset password’?

I think this should work well right?..



Hey Cat! What you described should work out perfectly.

If you have more than 5, I recommend creating a CSV and importing your members instead. We just released a new import feature :grin:

You should see it on the members page.

I recommend using this csv as a base, adding columns for additional data points, and letting me know when you’re ready to do the import. I’ll schedule some time with Tyler so he can help to fix any problems that might come up during the import. We did some testing, but larger imports are mostly untested.