Import Paid Users for my Account

Hi there!

I’m setting up my memberstack account and am hoping to import about 30 paid users through my stripe account. I read your help article about sending a CSV with the users to import, but also that we’d need to post on this form in order to get help with the import.

Is there a process for this currently? Or is the only way to add them as free members with a coupon and then keep their billing through my old system?


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Hi Julie :wave: Welcome to the forum :partying_face:

Paid imports are on pause while we automate the process. I have an idea for you in the meantime though. If you’re comfortable billing through your old system I recommend adding a free membership that grants access to all the same content of the paid membership and add all 30 people to that plan.

We’re working on a feature to transfer members from one membership to another. Ideally that will be available by the time you need to transition people from the old billing system.

We can help you import those 30 folks if you share a CSV with their info. You can DM me here, or send us the file via the chat widget on your dashboard.

Hi @DuncanHamra ,

Do you have an update in regards to transferring memberships? Or manually adding members to paid memberships?

Thank you!

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Hi Josh :wave: This feature is currently in progress :tada:No ETA yet though

@DuncanHamra when you do the manual import for us, I’m guessing there’s an auto email perhaps sent to customers? Can you do it so they don’t get anything so I can import and continue testing before I transition to MStack on my site?