Import paid users

I’d like to import about 500 active stripe user subscriptions… is this even possible?

Hi Derrick,

Yes, we can import those subscriptions. That said, we do have a backlog right now of imports. Do you have a timeframe in mind when you would like the import to be done?


I aim to launch the project by the end of this month.
What is the process? in terms of what would it entail? Id like to inform the client

Hey Derrick,

Here are more details on imports:

Essentially, you would need to send us a CSV with all required fields listed in the link above and we do the rest!

Also, for us to start the import you need to have a paid Memberstack subscription so you can publish your memberships.

We are in the process of redoing our entire import process to make it even easier and more automated. I don’t have a time estimate when that will be done but I’ll definitely post updates here :+1:

Okay sounds good, is there a way I can forward a link for the client to pay for memberstack directly or add them as a user to log in and pay?

Also to clarify…

" We’re unable to assist with paid imports right now. Please make a forum post if you need help importing members with payment data."

Is this still possible as i see its possible with free members?
I have 60 paid members I’d like to make active…