Importing Existing Stripe Memberships

Hi there,

We are considering changing from WooCommerce Subscriptions to Memberstack. We have about 70 members and it is critical that we not ask these members to re-enter payment information or pro-actively “re-subscribe” as part of this process.

We run all our memberships & commerce through Stripe and so all of these existing members are already “customers” with their payment data stored in Stripe. Can they be successfully imported to Memberstack?

I saw on this help page ( that I am supposed to post this question here…

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hey Jason :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

We’re super excited to hear you want to import paying members! To be 100% transparent, we aren’t able to help with all imports right now for logistical and technical reasons, but we’ll do our best to make it happen.

  1. Can you tell me a bit more about the number of customers you need to import?
  2. Are they all on paid customers?
  3. If so, about how much are they paying each month?
  4. How soon do you need to get them transferred over?

If you do not want to share this info publicly please message me privately :smiley:

Thanks Josh. I think I’m fine to share these all publicly:

  1. We’ll need to import about 60. It might be 2 more or less.

  2. Yes, all paid customers. It looks like we can import non-paying customers ourselves – we have a number of those as well but will do that ourselves.

  3. Our customers primarily pay annually. We have 2 that pay $99/month.

  4. Timeline is flexible. Our current system works. Assuming an import is possible, then moving to Memberstack is mostly about making sure the technology is tested and in place to handle a smooth transfer experience for our members.

So far, I’ve plugged the code into our header and completed a test signup. Log in, log out buttons seem to work. I haven’t protected any pages yet but that’s not a critical use case. The last feature I need to find before being ready for a transfer is where we can control the payment reminder email (e.g. four days before recurring charge, user gets an email reminding them that they are about to renew).