Importing Users from WP with passwords to Memberstack?


Is there anyway to import members from my current website (Wordpress) with their current password? I don’t really want to have to get thousands of people to create new passwords etc…

As Wordpress encrpts the website on export, I can’t import these it seems…

From what I’ve gathered so far… Memberstack isn’t great/maybe totally unsuitable for any business with existing members … as I can’t import paid members and I can’t import free members unless I want them all to have to go through a process of setting up new passwords etc

Any help?


Maybe there’s a way to copy the hashed passwords?

A few years back, redid a membership site on WordPress from the ground up and didn’t need to have folks recreate passwords. Process involved new themes, switching membership plugin, new host, etc. You could try creating a few dummy accounts for yourself on a WordPress site and importing those records into Memberstack and seeing what happens.

Hey Max! If you have the plain text version of the passwords, you can import those into memberstack during the member import.

Seems its not possible, especially from Wordpress due to them encrpting the passwords well :slight_smile:

So going to be a bit of a hassle moving people over but hey