Importing users - migrating from another membership system

Hello there - I have around 40 members I’d like to import. Help docs say to post here if I’m doing that. Can you explain what I need to do? Thanks.

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Great question! Are these free members or paid? Currently, you can import free members from a csv file in the dashboard. If they are paid members this is harder to do and takes a lot of work. A workaround to get paid members is to add them as free members and then provide a link to an upgrade button. :smiley:

Hi Josh! Thanks for the reply. What’s the “a lot of work” part entail? I’d also like to hear more about this upgrade button scenario and how that would work as well. Thank you! :grinning:

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We are working on a paid member import but I do not have n ETA on it just yet. The upgrade button scenario would take importing members as a free account and sending them a link to a page that when logged in has a button to upgrade to another membership.

Thanks Josh. Is there a way to create a coupon for a 100% discount and not require a credit card when submitting? That way I can tell my paid members to sign up to this new interface and use this specific coupon code — and not require them to put in a credit card?

Maybe im not understanding fully. Are you going to import members and not have them pay? If so this would just be a free membership and you would just import them and they can go on the site and login. :smiley:

Hi Josh - it sounds like the only way to migrate paid users is to either bring them in as free or have them re-register for a paid membership. Is that correct? And in that case, even if the cost for the membership was $0 or if there was a coupon code provided that discounted the charge 100%, a credit card is still required. Can you confirm?

Ultimately, it sounds like the only way of importing users is to bring them in as free. And they would still be require to login using a password reset option, right?

yes this is correct at the moment.

If you import users as free members no credit card is needed unless they want to upgrade to a paid membership.

You can import users with a password so they wouldn’t need to reset their password.

Thanks Josh! :+1:t3: I didn’t realize I could import with password, so that makes it a little easier.

Any chance you have any suggestions on how others are managing the time limit for the free membership? My imports are for members that have already paid for annual access with varying expiration dates. Are other people just manually reminding themselves of when individual memberships are expiring?