Importing Users to Memberstack - A Warning - Read this first

Just wanted to share my experience importing users so others who are planning to import users to memberstack.

  • You’ll likely have to make a workaround to get your existing users in, it’s not just a case of importing them with a click because you can’t use their current password (unless you have it in plain text but realistically this won’t be the case as all existing platforms from WP etc encrypt it)
    *So going on from this, you’ll have to likely import users without passwords, then mass email them with a link to request a new password/forgot your password link
    *You CAN’T import PAID users, so if you have any paid users you want on here, forget about it. The only work around I’ve found is to import them as a free user and keep a copy of the old WP site running on another domain so their stripe subscription still carrys on. Very Annoying.
  • If you import in test mode…which everyone will do as its the safest way, when you switch the site to live, the members still are seen as in test mode, theres no way around this, I’ve contacted support was told it was passed on to the dev team, this is 20 hours ago and no word. I didn’t realise this would be an issue, so I changed over to the new site and now have users asking why they are in a test account = Massive Headache and big bug in the Memberstack system
    *You can’t mass delete members, so if you import 5000 members and want to delete them… you’ll have to do it one by one… this involves about 3 clicks … so I’d say it’d take you about an hour per 100 to delete… yep you can imagine the nightmare.

So overall, the import function works on paper for the simplest member sites with low number of users… if you’re thinking of doing it for a membership site with over say 500… think about all of the above… its certainly not straight forward and support is very slow to help

Hope this at least helps someone else not go for the stress i’ve been going through over the last 48 hours and the site still has all my users as ‘Test users’…

If you’re looking to start a membership site from scratch then this looks like an awesome option! Just bit tricky if you’re importing