Incorrect email or password

Everyone on my site can no longer log in : getting incorrect email or password every time.

Can verify that all the emails and passwords are correct.

Not sure what’s going on?

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Hi Samantha, can you send me a link to your site? I’ll take a look. We just found a bug that’s been causing trouble. Please remove any data-membership-ids from your form submit buttons.

We are working on a fix now. In the meantime, make sure you remove the data-membership-id from your form submit buttons. The issue is MemberStack is preventing the default.

If you only have one membership you don’t need the data-membership-id. If you have more than one membership, make sure users click on a data-membership-id before they signup, or set the membership as the default. If you need any help with it, just let me know.

We’ll get this fixed ASAP!