Individual login page for users to upload/maintain profile info that can then be connected to Webflow CMS

Hi guys… what would be the best way to create a system where registered members have their own specific login/page where they could update profile info, details, maybe upload images etc that is then connected to Webflow CMS, allowing the memberstack info to go to an admin section in Webflow that is hidden, but also some of the memberstack info will be used on a profile page that can be seen by general web visitors.

I’ll use Webflow, Airtable, Zapier and Memberstack for this… but haven’t jumped in to memberstack yet… is it as simple as adding various ‘sections’ in the membership profile are for each user?

The membership will be free to join, with a review process by admin.

I’m working on a screencast that walks through exactly this. You can see the example site that the video screencast will walk through building, here:

Signup with a throwaway email address and you’ll land on a form that allows you to upload a profile picture, add profile info, edit it, etc… All non-logged in visitors can view profiles, only the logged in members may edit their own profiles.

This screencast is really just an extended version of this one:

So you can get most of what you need from that today and see the rest once I’m done.

It uses:

  1. MemberStack
  2. Webflow
  3. Zapier
  4. Airtable

The only thing is lacks is a “review process by an admin”.

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Legend, thanks @ChrisDrit… looks great, this will assist heaps!:+1:
Any chance you could flick me a share link to the Webflow project so I can see how you started putting it all together?


Legend, thanks Chris! I’ll be sure to reshare any progress I make… (I’m quoting a project at the moment, so hoping the client goes ahead, as this would be fantastic to implement!)

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I’d also be keen to see your Screencast when available :).

Hello together! Does anyone know if there is a screencast already?