Individual Member Portals

Hello everyone.

I created a design website called Pastryy, we’re providing quality designer feedback on your designs in less than 24 hours, to view the website you can go to this link:

Right now when a user signs up, they all go to the SAME membership page. Is there any way to make so when a user makes an account they get their own membership page?

The idea is when a user signs in they can check all of the previous feedback they received from previous submissions. It would be a great way to keep everything organized.

Let me know if anyone can help!

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Hi AJ,

Ae you creating individual pages for each member? If so, you’ll want to use our member specific pages feature.

With that, you’ll be able to redirect users to their very own page.

Hey @belltyler ,

Thanks for responding. I built this website in Webflow and will need to access each member’s page.

Two questions I have:

If I turn this on will it create a page in Webflow so that I add things to those member pages?
How do I get existing member’s their own page?

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Turning it on will not automatically add member pages to Webflow. You’ll need Zapier to do so. Here’s a short guide on how:

For existing member’s, you would need to create them a page in Webflow, take the slug and add it to their member profile in MemberStack. Step 4 of this article shows how to do that:

Hi @belltyler

Sorry I came across this post, just to check, by doing the above, will you automate this process of assigning unique IDs to clients (as seen below?)


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Hi Justin! That’s exactly right. Zapier will automatically assign the user’s specific page.