Individual vs. collections of users (Teams)


I just started using Memberstack and Webflow to build out an MVP version of a product that we’re hoping to launch before the summer.

I’m looking to create two plans:

  • An individual plan that allows a single user to sign up and use the product. Memberstack is perfect for this as it provides all the functionality for creating a subscription, managing a profile, etc.

  • A team plan (or a collection of users) that allows an administrator to sign up and use the product. They would then be able to send out invites or a basic link to have their team sign up without the need to pay again.

That’s the basic table stakes functionality.

Other nice to haves would be:

  • Multiple team roles (admin, member, other ACLs)
  • Allowing an admin to provide a “sign up with your company domain” functionality to their org
  • Oauth

Here’s a picture of our pricing page if that helps:


I’m super happy you want to use Memberstack for this :partying_face:

Unfortunately, we have more work to do before Memberstack is ready for you. What you want to do is technically possible now with a bit of manual work, but it’s not build into the product in a seamless way. We’re focused on perfecting basic memberships before we can dedicate time to team accounts. I can’t give exact ETA’s, but we hope to have something ready in the next few months.

In the meantime, is it possible to fake it. One idea is to create a free plan that isn’t publicly accessible on your site. You can collect member data from your Team admin and manually upload them to Memberstack or you can provide a signup link to a “secret” signup page where team members can join the free plan.

I’ve recorded your other feedback in the roadmap :+1:


Hey @DuncanHamra, any update on this very useful feature ?
hugely needed, can be decisive in our membership external service choice

many thanks

Not yet, but we’ve implemented a much better system for tracking feedback. I’ve added you as a voter