Infinite load on signup

Hi team, I’ve sent this to MS support but just want to check if anyone out there has had the same problem.

I have a customer who is unable to purchase. She gets the infinite loader when she submits her credit card payments. (I am using the payment modal.)

  1. She has tried two different browsers (Safari and Edge) and had the same result
  2. She is using Mastercard, which should be acceptable (I’m in New Zealand)
  3. No information is being sent to Stripe. There is no record of her attempts at all
  4. I have had other customers purchase this membership successfully in the meantime
  5. I cannot replicate the issue
  6. I would feel uncomfortable asking her to record a video, because she is entering credit card details
  7. I have reviewed all help topics in the support area around this topic (cannot purchase, infinite loader) and none apply.

I am suggesting that she try another device to determine if it’s a problem with the device or with her bank (or something).

But has anyone else had this problem and can shed some light for me?

EDIT: She has now tried three browsers on multiple devices. So I’m assuming it’s something with her card?