Input data going missing on signup

Hello All!I’ve got a strange issue where inputs are losing data when submitted?

I’ve deleted the fields on my form and readded them, same in memberstack and just tried adding a new field which is doing the same, all set with correct attributes

Ref: [

Try making and account and navigating back to that page you can see the keywords and test field disappear. (edited)

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We have found a bug! I just added new keyword fields in your account. Try hooking those ones up to the form and test. Instead of using numbers in the field name I added the words instead. :smiley:

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That works a treat now, I was scratching my head for so long, after setting up some Zaps and getting some new test data it occurred to me they weren’t coming across!

So for clarification, don’t use numbers in fields as it isn’t supported yet?

Also, a little question, is there a limit to the number of fields?

Thanks for your help! :muscle:

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You are correct, numbers are not supported yet. We do not have a limit on custom fields right now. :smiley:

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