Inserting Slug into link + Modals not showing up!

Hey there :wave:

I’m currently having trouble with my site.
This is the basic structure of my website:

  1. User Signs up
  2. Redirects them to their /account-edit/ profile page where they add additional information (I have used CMS and Zapier to set this up
  3. From here I added a simple button to the top header using custom HTML inside a Webflow CMS collection list which directs the user to their custom public profile:
    <a href="“INSERTED CMS SLUG HERE”>My Public Profile

I have two questions:

1: I am still unsure of whether the HTML header link works, as I’d like it to retrieve the active users’ slug instead of the latest one on the table. If anyone has any help with this it would be appreciated!

2: When I create a link to any of the Memberstack modals or simply type them in the site myself they don’t appear to show anything at all. I have checked if they are typed correctly, double-checked head code, but nothing seems to work. Is this a bug?

Thank you!