Integrate memberstack when webflow cms auto generate page (cannt add custom attribute with Membership Plans id on button)

Hey. I am in the process of implementing memberstack with webflow. I have one problem due to which I can not launch. The problem is this: the product page from which the user will create the account is generated through the CMS webflow. But for the submit button to have a connection with Membership Plans id, I have to insert a custom attribute to it. But I can’t do this, because I don’t have a editable template for each Membership Plans, because it is made from CMS. I tried to figure out how to transfer this value from the CMS to the custom attribute, but could not find anything clear to me.
Maybe someone came across this?

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mission complete. i added button from element Embed and add field from CMS.


Thanks for posting that! Seems like you found a perfect solution!