Intranet Option & the Price I will be Charged

I have a client that is an association with members already. The client wants to be able to give their members access to hidden content on their site that I will build for them in Webflow. My question is how do I manually add their members to memberstack and what is the price that memberstack will charge for hiding content for members that will not be paying for a membership through memberstack? How many members can be added? Thanks!

Hey Justin :wave:

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To manually add members you can use our import feature. The price is based on how many members you have. Here is our pricing page for more information :smiley:

To be clear if I have 600 unpaid members I can do the pro plan and since I am importing my members there is no transaction fee? Correct? @Josh-Lopez

you are correct Justin. No transaction fees are added to free members. :smiley: