iOS App Memberstack Examples

Hi Memberstack community,

I’m evaluating membership platforms for a client and they want to see live examples of Memberstack used in an iOS app.

I’ve poked around the showcase but couldn’t find anything.
I’m wondering if you are able to refer me to iOS apps that are leveraging Memberstack and if you could note if it’s leveraging a web view or if it’s done in Swift (not sure if this is supported).

Also, would love insight on why Memberstack is a better solution than WooCommerce + WooMemberships/WooSubscriptions.

I’m a n00b to all of these no-code tools which are all super-stunning as a design and product person!



Hey Angela :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

We do not currently have an example of an ios app using Memberstack but would love for you to be the first!!! We currently are integrated with Zapier and have a front-end api that could be used in an ios app. We are a small team of passionate people and are always working on making our product better every day. :grinning:

Hi Josh,

Thanks for the response and warm welcome!
It’s great to see such a vibrant community. We will give Memberstack a whirl and see if it meets our needs.



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AMAZING!!! Cant wait to see you become part of the community more!