iPad 2 problem, paid content doesn't hide!

Hi everyone, I need help!

I’ve tested my website (hosted in Webflow) with the MemberStack system on my old iPad 2 and to my surprise, without login or any account I have access to all paid content (which should be hidden).

On new model mobiles, laptops and desktops I don’t have any problem. Only when using the iPad 2, model MC979X.

It looks like the old devices don’t read the MemberStack codes. Or did I do something wrong? Thank you!

My initial thought is that the old iPad may have JavaScript disabled, so MemberStack can’t work to hide what it needs to hide.

I use something like this in the of my site to be displayed if someone has JS disabled. This code makes a browser only show this content (and not your normal page) when a user has JS disabled.
<noscript><div>You must enable Javascript to use this site. Thanks!</div></noscript>

See this page for info on how to redirect users that have JS disabled.

Thank you Scott!

I’ve tried your code, and the one in the article and both didn’t make any change, do you know why?

The website is https://www.emanacalendar.com/

Thnak you!

So it looks like Javascript isn’t the issue. I just went to your site and the code you added works correctly. When I disabled Javascript in my browser, it redirected me to memberstack.io (as the code does in the link I pasted in my earlier response). So we’ve ruled out an issue with Javascript on the iPad.

What is the iOS or Safari version on the iPad? And what page is the hidden content located? Just trying to replicate the issue.

Thanks Scott!

The IOS version is 9.3.5 (13G36). I’ve tested using Safari and Chrome apps and both are displaying the content the should be hidden.

If Java is not the issue. To give you a better idea, the issue is with all the buttons and elements that I am using Custom Attributes to display or not display when the user is logged in or out.

For example, I am using the custom attributes below:



Also, if you are not logged in and try to open a hidden page content, you should be redirected to another page, but this doesn’t happen using the iPad.

Here is the link to a page that should be hidden/redirected if you don’t have an account - https://www.emanacalendar.com/area-do-aluno

Basically it looks like the iPad is ignoring completely the MemberStack system.

Thank you!

This one has me stumped. I can’t recreate the issue, and I don’t know why older browsers would ignore MemberStack’s Javascript.

Yes Scott, looks like it is ignoring the MemberStack’s java completley. Not only the hide/show elements, but I just tried to log in and I can’t, please see the message below:

Any other suggestion?

Thank you!

Maybe @belltyler can help with this error.

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Is there any solution to this issue? I’m getting reports of the same problem. It seems that devices running older versions of iOS don’t get blocked from accessing the hidden content

Just tested it on iPad 2 and I can confirm that the content is not hidden :worried:

Also, it seems that the code to force a redirect if javascript isn’t running also doesn’t work on these devices. This is a huge problem for my client!

Hi @Jack_Howard, I tried checking makerpad.co on my iPad 2 device (I know their founder Ben uses Memberstack as well), and it looks like they’re blocking the site on old devices. It might be a solution for us as well. Could you visit the site and see whether you can access it? Looking forward to your reply.

I have been waiting for a solution sice Feb 7.