Is e-learning with Memberstack possible?

I would not be surprised if this is not the first time this question is asked. I am sorry if this is an outworn issue, but unfortunately, I could not find a concrete answer to my question around the web.

I’m a designer working on Webflow, my coding knowledge is minimal, does not get beyond HTML and some CSS.

I would like to build a website that besides offering a premium membership (that is undoubtedly doable with Memberslack), sells courses online individually.

Since this website is pretty much an e-learning platform, we will have a dozen courses like this, not just one, and site members could purchase multiple of them.
I am not talking about a membership (membership is actually free on this website).
These are several pages (each is a course), that access to them is individually purchased once, by site members and granted for their lifetime. Then all the purchases appear on an individual ‘My Courses List’ or perhaps any other solution for that.

I hope Memberstack is the solution to my problem because I would highly like to stick with Webflow rather than hire a developer to build for us the entire website.

Thanks for the helpers!

Hey Yotam :wave:

Currently, Memberstack does not have the ability to sell items that are not memberships. This is on our feature roadmap. There are some workarounds using other services in the meantime. Those can be found here :smile: