Is it possible to build a social membership site?

If I’m trying to build a membership site where users could search for users in a directory based upon custom profile fields and users could message each other, would that be possible with MemberStack?

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Happy to answer this question. I need a little more context though to answer fully. What CMS/platform are you planning on using?

Here are some examples of advanced use cases just to show whats possible. :grinning:

How to build a marketplace without code

How to build a membership website with Memberstack and other services

Hey Josh, this is really helpful! To clarify, I am evaluating using WebFlow with Memberstack for this. The examples you filled some of the gaps I have. But to explain in more detail - I’m trying to create an equivalent of a dating site where I could create 2 types of profiles each with their own custom profile fields and users would be able to look in a search directory and filter by those profile fields to find a match and be able to message each other. It looks like that might be possible through a mixture of Memberstack, Airtable, and Intercom but I’m having trouble figuring out if that will get me where I want to go or if there are any other options.

I think UltimateMember on WordPress would get me there but I want to have more flexibility and control which I thought I could get using MemberStack or MemberSpace on WebFlow.

Any insight or guidance would be greatly appreciated! I really like Memberstack, I’m just not sure it is robust enough to get to my vision outlined above

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I understand your concerns. We are constantly working on making Memberstack better. I believe what you want to do is possible. To do it would be a mixture of member-specific pages and jetboost to provide a nice search and filter. To hold and edit the profiles you would use airtable and zapier like the videos above. I think a dating site using Memberstack would be amazing!