Is it possible to build what I am looking to build with Memberstack and Webflow?


So I am currently weighing up creating a frankenstein’s monster of a site using wordpress plugins or going the Webflow/MS route to deliver this product. I would rather build it in webflow and memberstack if I can, because I understand the tools and flow better than wordpress.

Essentially I want to build a membership service that allows a paying membership to access several companies’ services.

I know MS has me covered on member sign-up, profiles, billing etc. That’s all great. I also know how to build a directory using webflow CMS, so all is great there too.

Here are the sticking points:

  1. before accessing each business members should be able to have the option to ping them a message, book a visit on a calendar, or at least press a button notifying that they will be attending.

  2. Each membership tier will limit how many times a member can access said business per month, so if there is a way to track how many times a member has engaged that business it would be great, either for admins or for that business. Is this possible in webflow or MS?

  3. I want to create a 3 tier membership system for customers. I also want the businesses themselves to have a different free membership level so they can manage their own business profiles. It won’t require a paid membership so if there is even a webflow only workaround that would be great!

  4. Booking plugins or forms per business would be good, with a way to identify the member contacting. Barring this, is there a way for the member to message or email someone in the platform?

  5. Finally, is it possible to generate membership numbers which can be used by businesses as voucher codes? The businesses can handle codes themselves, but is it possible to create member numbers which members can see, almost like a digital card?


I want to use webflow and MS to create a membership platform that provides a directory of businesses membership gives them 1 time access to. I want to be able to make sure there is a way to tally visits or mark if they’ve been before. A booking form or button or a mailing shortcut on business profiles would be awesome.

Has anybody built anything like this?


Hey Edgar :wave:

Thank you for joining the forum and posting!!! :smiley:

I love your idea about the website. Unfortunately, there is so much involved its hard to say specifically if this is possible. I do know if it is possible there would still be a lot of work involved and a lot of workarounds. To see what Memberstack is capable of I suggest taking a look at this video series where Mackenzie uses webflow, Memberstack, and airtable to create an awesome website. This hopefully will spark some ideas on what you can do to succeed in your adventure. :smiley:

Hi Josh, thanks for your reply! You’re right, there is a lot involved. I was hoping maybe there was a function to allow 2 member types and communication between them.

I will check out the video series, thanks for the link!

Thanks and stay safe!

You can have 2 membership types. Members can only be assigned to a singe membership at a time. In your case one member could be assigned to membership ! and the other membership B. To get them to talk to each other would take some customization outside of Memberstack. :smiley:

Edgar, I’ve used in the past with Wordpress to accomplish some of the things you are trying to do - but I would stay away from Wordpress at all costs if you can (Frankenstein’s monster is a great way to describe the performance you would expect)!

Question 2: Webflow with Memberstack will help you accomplish your goals! You can set a hidden attribute for each member’s profile for the number of “business services” they have left for the month and “reset” this number using Zapier on the first of every month.

Question 1: The value of the above hidden attribute can go down “1” every time they “proceed” to the given service.

Question 3: You could do this using a form and zapier for the businesses to set specific member profiles to be within a specific “levels”

Question 4: Using a simple form, you can pass the members email or other identifying information as needed! This would be done using a Memberstack hidden attribute (see here with Typeform)

Question 5: Yes! A business would have the option to create codes on their dashboard and assign them to a member of their choice (using their email as an identifier I assume?). I would probably use Google Sheets or Airtable as a database to hold this information and connect using Zapier

Hope this helps! You can message me if you need any more help with this, sounds like a cool project!