Is it possible to collect or save file-upload (image) in Memberstack from Webflow form?

I’ve built a multi-step onboarding form for members who sign up to my membership site, but on the last step it asks them to upload a profile image.

I’ve added the “data-ms-member” to the attributes but when submitted nothing appears in the member’s account in Memberstack.

I was kind of expecting the image to be stored somewhere in the cloud and then there be a URL (.png or .jpeg) in the field instead of it being empty. I was then going to use Zapier to connect it to my external airtable database and then zap it to a CMS collection/item in Webflow.

Is this even possible to do without having to ask people on sign up to provide their image as a link.

Thank you.

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Hi Matthew :wave: I hope you had a great weekend!

I expected the same thing the first time I built a similar site. Turns out the image has to upload to Webflow before a link is generated :thinking:Which means, you have to get creative to actually store the image link in Memberstack. This previous post might help some (note: ms-data and ms-field are the same as data-ms-member). Show Profile Photo on Profile Page

Let me know if this helps :crossed_fingers: