Is it possible to have different types of members on the same instance?

I want to create two different types of member profiles in a marketplace type model. For example:

  1. Job candidates
  2. Companies

Currently I only use Memberstack for companies, but would like to use for job candidates too. Candidate vs company profiles are very different - I collect different information from both. Would it be possible to distinguish these member types within the same Memberstack instance?

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Yes it is :tada:

Assuming you’re collecting different types of profile information, you’re going to need two different signup forms. This means you’ll need to create your own custom signup forms with data attributes instead of using the default signup modal.

You’ll also need to create custom profile forms for each membership type. You can learn more about those forms here. (working on a new video/article this week)

Thank you @DuncanHamra!

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Hey @DuncanHamra,

Is there a more detailed tutorial for this? I am still a bit unsure about what the process would be. I will explain my usecase:

  1. I have one signup form for companies: (I have actually already set up memberstack workflow on this)

  2. Another one for candidates: (I have NOT set up any workflow on this). How do I create a different data attribute for this signup page (for the “Candidate” User).

I don’t want to create a multistep sign up form where the second step differentiates the two users. I want two different sign up links as shown in point 1 and 2 above .

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Thanks, I figured this out by myself.

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Hi Karthik,

What was the solution that you found?