Is my project suitable with memberstack?

I am using wordpress and I would like to know :

  • if Memberstack is suitable with wordpress ?
  • if it possible to create several member profiles and give user the choice to create their own offers (ex: Fiverr.)

Thanks you !


Hey Marine :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Memberstack does work with wordpress. Here is how to get it set up!

As for the other question, we would need a little more information to answer fully. :grinning:

Hey Josh,
Many thanks for your quick answer. I would like to allow each user to create their own user profile, and add their offers / prices for their time (ex: 1h = 70EUR ; 1/2 Day : 250EUR ; 1 Day = 500EUR… As many as they want ). The goal for clients is to pick their offers and pay directly online using stripe (% commission for my company + Payment).
Is that possible ?
Thank you !

Hello again :wave:

Having your clients have purchasable items is not available at this time. You may be able to do that part by using the stripe API but this is beyond Memberstack. You can have members have their own profiles though. If you would like to talk to a developer who can help you with the stripe API please add your project here. :smiley: